Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Where I'm From"- A Poem :)

 I come from the place with the antique radio,
The big backyard with the swing set
 We used to climb on and peek to the other side.
This place had a pecan tree
We’d steal the nuts from
And hear the crack against the wood shed ramp
It had a tree swing
With a thick white rope where,
If you swung too high,
You would nearly crash into the bark.
I am from the late night concerts
With the pink straw hat
Mumbling the words to songs I loved
I come from the new house
That holds Ralph’s house in its hot, barely lit attic
That contains the miniature hangers and carpeted hallways
Fit for a mouse
I am from the destroyed gingerbread houses
One by accident that scattered across the floor
The other on purpose for the one before
This place I’m from had a big blue shed
That was knocked down and caused tears
Tears that flowed for a silly reason that made everyone laugh
I am from the puppet shows
And the “Mail me to grandma!” moments
From the place where Barbie and her friends swam in the sink
And they left water seeping onto the floor
That’s why they only got to swim once in a great while
I’m from the place with that hamster that’s brown and white
The hamster that ate everything and needed regular haircuts
I am from the place with the baby pool
We sprayed Mom with the green water hose
And she pretended she was mad but really wasn’t
Dad caught it all on video and couldn’t help but laugh
I come from the place with the roller skates
That looked like clown shoes
They made me fall and skin my knees but I loved them
I am from the place with the Halloween
Where we shared a big hardwood floor and the room echoed
And all the brightly colored candy was spilled everywhere
I am from the place with the babysitter that would draw pretty pictures
I tried to copy the outline with a marker and crayon on the inside
I am from the places with memories, laughter, and lessons learned,
And everything that has made up my brilliant past.


  1. This is darling. A mixture of your memories.
    your great grandfather used to listen to his weekly opera on the antique radio, while the kerosene oil heater's flames were dancing and making pretty shapes while keeping us warm.
    I used to listen to ship to shore ship's radio on it.
    I remember the Barbie's baths and your baths too.
    You were always very attached to everything and yes, the demise of the old blue shed saddened you.
    My biggest memory of where you are from is in front of that flip board, "teaching" anyone who would listen to you!

  2. Ha ha yes my easel! :) I loved that thing... And thanks I had a lot of fun writing it. :)

  3. You are so awesome.

  4. I hope my girls have great memories like the ones u had. They are beautiful memories :) Ronnie

  5. Awww :) I hope so too. And I hope they remember me because I will always remember them :)

  6. They will always remember u! They love u too much :)

  7. Do you remember the earring cleaning wars? Brushing the hair wars. You are from--being a stubborn my way or the highway childhood. Kept us laughing.