Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Darling...

Dear Darling,

            You will never be my darling. Even though your eyes sparkle when they catch a glimpse of me, you would never admit that to me. The room spins when you hear me laugh, but you would deny it. You’re too cool for that. You’re too cool to express your feelings, or be someone other than everyone else. It’s the pressure, pressing down so hard on your heart to contain itself. Don’t let people see who you really are. Why laugh in a room full of people with straight faces? Yes. I am mad. I am mad because I know inside you are more that what you try so hard to convey. Let it out. Why keep your real self locked inside a shell of conformity? You are better than that. Please, consider this. I would love you so much my heart would burst. But then the more I think of it, maybe this really is how you are. In that case, I’m sorry you have to live that way. And I’m sorry for myself. I am sorry for me because I believed you would change. I kept hope in something that would lead me to nowhere. And now I’m broken down. And only an angel could save me.


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