Friday, June 22, 2012

"Pulse"- A Poem

I feel my pulse in my hand 
. . . .
I wish it was yours
Your fingers in the space between my fingers
I want it more than breathing, living
I want it for the future of my vision of humanity 
My stupid belief that everything can be okay
And will be okay
Even though we all know things change, everyday
Slowly the air forms between us, our bodies 
Becoming separate beings
Separate souls
For I always knew my soul couldn't combine with someone else's
My soul has holes, ripped like an old t-shirt
With rose paint and morning eyes
Vines like ivy, reaching
Clinging to spirits unknown and unheard of
My soul has rain puddles filled with tears
Of lost fantasies and expectations
On the sidewalk in front of an old furniture warehouse in the city
With "for lease" signs stuck on the dirty glass
It's spewing cities and late night phone calls and street lights and
Acoustic guitar sessions played in old bars that
Stranger visit to escape from other strangers
It has people and faces and names
Of doctors, lawyers, bankers
Of unhappy people and their black shoes
Walking onto buses at three in the afternoon
My soul has melodies, cigarette smoke
and a small trinket box housed up in a little girl's room
It's full of everything and nothing
the universe and space
and black holes
even though I've always been afraid that's how we'll all die someday
although I'm hoping the sun will explode
for I'd rather die in light than in


Why am I so ashamed of this
While I sit here and realize it's
What keeps me sewn together?

"Right Side Up"- A Poem

There's this lightness and it comes in waves
Like the world is right side up
Even the southern hemisphere
Those little village people
Bringing water from the river on their heads
Little do they know,
To get back home 
It's upside down

And for some reason
My world is right-side up 
For the first time
In ever

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Love of an Orchestra" by Noah and The Whale

If you gotta run, run from hope

I know I'll never be lonely
I've got songs in my blood
I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra

gimme the love of an orchestra [x3]

So now in my deepest sorrow
there's no need for despair
I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra
gimme the love of an orchestra [x3]

If you gotta run, run from hope

Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Ten Years"- A Poem

My whole world
has been disrupted 
and things just aren't working
the gears aren't 
turning the right way 
and to think i haven't looked at the 
it feels like ten years have passed
and my bones are brittle with
my greatest fears