Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Fear" - A Poem

It’s a child.
Waiting for the monsters to pop out of the closet
With piercing screams and then silence
The “deer in the headlights" look
And along with the air you breathe in after holding your breath,
It’s harsh and freezing, and tastes sharp like ice.
It’s when your throat suddenly gets dry as a bone
And you smell fire and see your reflection in the flame,
Warped and distorted like a ghost
It feels like something died there, or was possessed by a different being.
You taste bitter orange peels
And your eyes glaze over with the feeling you get right before you hear bad news
Someone gulps loudly and your hands shake uncontrollably.
You are falling and hitting the ground with a force so intense, it can’t be explained.
It’s shock.
And anxiety
And your whole body feels as if it has been drained completely of everything
And your face goes so pale
You look literally white.
And you aren’t very sure if you can sleep through the night.

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