Friday, May 13, 2011

"Dear Brother"- A Poem

Dear Brother,
I sit here and wonder what life will be like
When we’re adults.

Will you remember that time?
That time when I stuffed confetti down your pants on Easter
And you cried
Because Mom wouldn’t let you get revenge?
Will you remember that while you watch your kids
Have a water balloon fight in your backyard?

Will you remember that time?
That time when I screamed at you
Because you weren’t washing the dishes fast enough
And that you should just let me do it, because I do it better anyways?
Will you remember that while you’re scrubbing a plate in your sink,
And your wife is telling you you’re using the wrong sponge?

Will you remember that time?
That time when I played Legos with you and we built a clubhouse
With a tiny balcony/dance floor
And when Dad came home he didn’t care to look at it?
Will you remember that when you help your son
Build a cabin with his Lincoln Logs?

I just wanted to make sure,
Because maybe you’ll be too busy,
Or stressed.
Or maybe you’ll just sincerely forget.
The happy memories
Slipping away down the river of your mind.

I hope not.
I hope they stay.

1 comment:

  1. I love this, Vidra. You are a great sister to your brother. Sometimes anyway.
    I do think he will remember a lot as he grows older.
    I'm sorry that my son didn't take the time to see something that your brother wanted him to see.
    Life is like that sometimes--parents work hard to provide for their children.
    When they get from a grueling day at work they need time to unwind.
    then hopefully, there is time to give attention to their family. You and your brother will see.