Saturday, May 7, 2011

"The Bathroom Stalls"- A Poem

I lock the door and I’m alone,
And the walls…
Those scribbled, dirty walls begging to be written on
They call to me.
“Nothing cruel,” they say,
“We don’t like harsh words.”
The one on the end
Wants to tell someone they’re beautiful
And that Brandon L. isn’t a jerk,
He just wants to feel accepted.
The middle one is longing for you to realize that
You have to find the good in people,
Even if it’s the obtuseness of Tiffany M.
Carvings and the potent smell of hot pink permanent marker,
Can explain why Jordan R. can’t be forgiven
Because of the fiasco with Ashley E.
But that stone and plastic can only hold so much
Until someday, a bright fortunate soul
Will take a black marker and erase the stings and distress,
With a few drops of hope.
Just one simple phrase
Which contains a whole lot of advice,
“Thou shall love thy neighbor…
As thyself.”

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