Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Poets"- A Poem

I am a poet.
I don’t just write,
I put my feelings onto a sheet of paper.
When you think about it,
Is a lot braver than keeping them inside.
Poets are people that feel.
They feel the wind telling them things,
And the trees whispering.
Every once in awhile, they don’t feel at all.
That’s when the best poetry comes about.
Sometimes the words they write don’t make sense.
And sometimes they are not supposed to.
They just love the way the delicate letters roll off of their tongue,
Taking their conscience with them.
But poets are people.
They are people like you and I,
Who have bad hair days,
Terrible relationships,
Strange families,
And insecurity issues.
They aren’t magic or inhuman.
In fact,
They are more human than the entire world combined.

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