Friday, February 4, 2011

"The Plane Ride Home"- A Poem

I was the one who saw her.
No one else even noticed.
They didn’t even pause to see,
How insanely sad the image was.
The woman next to me was
Letting the darkness consume her,
That is why she didn’t catch it.
Her parents didn’t see her either.
We were thousands of feet up in the sleepy night sky, and yet,
No one even so much as glanced to see how it
Made me almost want to cry.
This little girl, she was sitting behind me,
And was entirely too busy with her cold,
And battery-filled device.

Her window was open too.
I think that was the saddest part.

Here, inches away from her ear, was this vast sparkling wonder.
Under us was this landscape,
Which only birds and God normally see.
She didn’t even stop to look.
I think I cried to the window,
I can’t remember clearly though, because it was late and there was sleep in my eyes.
I do remember wanting, aching, to take her hand and point to the glass
And say:
Look at all the glimmering lights!
They are twinkling for you.
Even thought you don’t care for them,
They care for you.
I promise.”

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