Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Dream Catcher"- A Poem

dream catcher, please catch those dreadful thoughts
and also, make the pain subside.
just for a few minutes
i need a few soundless minutes
with no thundering patters from my heart.
they get maddening after a while.
please take your wispy feathers and make me pure again
so I can live my daydreams.
in my delightful fantasies of wheat fields with white cotton,
nothing goes wrong
and under the vast open sky, that just about swallows me whole,
i write.
i write and write and write until my fingers are stinging
and my feeling are raw
but it’s ok, dream catcher, because you fix that.
when you swing above my empty head you patch up my losses,
like a caring mother’s hands, you are there to ease my pain.
so thank you dream catcher.
thank you for arranging my beating, rampant, and absolute heart
back where it belongs.

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