Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Aqua Bridge

Bright red hair, green eyes, and yellow polka dotted fingernails as long as the tip of her finger. She was tall, not lanky. Freckles spotted her face. She had white teeth, all in perfect rows. Her eyelashes were long and black as the midnight sky. Her laugh was quiet and soft and smooth as waves. Her walk was graceful and she had wonderful posture. Her shirt had quotes written all over it in different colors. Her jeans were dark blue and had worn holes in the knees. Her Keds were a faded white and gray. She walked along the new bridge and sat down on her navy blue towel by the medium sized river. She pulled out her bucket of paint from inside her red backpack and a wide paintbrush followed. She got up and brought the bucket of paint over to the bridge and started to paint it a calm aqua. Ever since they built the new bridge it seemed bare to her. She hated looking at yellow wood. She felt it ruined the serenity of the river. She wanted to paint it. So she did. And she would live by that river her whole life if she could.


  1. Great! Inspired by anyone? Anything? Or all just a figment of your imagination?

  2. you deserve

    you deserve to be the best that you can be.
    you deserve to be loved by someone that would die for you.
    you deserve to be passionate about what you love.
    you deserve to be yourself, and not hide behind a mask.
    you deserve to be you.

  3. To Anonymous:

    Thank you. :)