Monday, April 22, 2013

"Futons & Ladders"- A Poem

the downstairs smells like burnt toast and
black, runny
which means the day is already over
might as well leave my brain on the back porch 
to sunbathe 
and go for a walk halfway across the country

maybe I'll have lunch in a bar and 
instead of drinking i'll chew the shattered beer bottles
just so I can hear them inside me
making extensive amounts of noise without any repercussions 

then for the afternoon, i'll make a stranger teach me how to sew
patches unto my shorts, in a grungy way like in those sad movies
and i'll wear a humongous thimble the size of my body
only to protect me from being pricked by the outside world

when it gets dark i'll build a ladder large enough
to extend above the earth and while everyone is asleep
i'll eat a small bowl of raspberries and whipped cream
with a side of all the wishes made by young children while they 
doze off in their cloud-like, fairytale dreams
and the stars will form a nice glowing futon that will
cover my skin with a blanket of light 
as i sing myself to sleep

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