Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"When The Rain Came"- A Poem

I remember the day
When I rode my bike home in the rain.
The sky got quiet and the trees didn’t breathe,
And then the rain came.
I’d never felt a million needles
Landing on my skin all at once,
But that day, I swear to you,
I felt alive.
I was alive when the mascara ran down my face,
Like cascading rivers of blackness.
I was alive when my jeans stuck to me,
Forcing my movement slowly to almost nothing.
I was alive because I remember laughing
Then gasping for some extra helpings of that
Air that was flooded with oxygen.
Crisp, energizing, and fresh oxygen,
While I pedaled, and pedaled
All the way to my warm garage.
And the best part was,
When I found shelter and the rainbow came out,
It was the most electrifying rainbow I’d ever seen,
Because I had given it life.

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