Monday, August 15, 2011

"A Sort Of Pondering"- A Poem

I breathe into the place with
The secret trees that cast shadows
Across my pale porcelain face
And the jacket, frayed ends and all,
Smelling like a fire, blazing, churning
With my reflection gazing at the stars
There were so many, like a jewelry box,
Only fit for diamond stud earrings
I felt a sense of still
Like God placed his hands on my shoulder,
And sent peace through my fingertips
My heart started up its chaos just then
I began to see the things I’d forgotten
Or meant to forget and never had the time
So I sat quietly on the rock by the creek
About how I was a little lost
Not physically, but in my head
And how I don’t really know my family,
They’re strangers on a long bridge
That I pass by when I ride my bicycle.
I thought about how I don’t really have an explanation
As to why life goes on.
It just does.

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