Sunday, August 8, 2010


Went to go see Charlie St. Cloud yesterday with friends and enjoyed it. It really got me thinking too. In the movie, Charlie gets into a car crash with his 11 year old brother, Sam. Sam died and Charlie lived. Later on in the movie, Charlie comes across the paramedic who saved his life, and the paramedic tells Charlie that he thinks God gave Charlie a second chance on life for a reason. (I'm not going to tell you the reason, silly, go watch it yourself:) But after the movie I was thinking about second chances. I mean, if i could have a second chance on something, what what I use it on? I decided that I would probably use it on things I've said or done. I can't exactly pinpoint one thing.
So, if you could have a second chance, what would you use it on?
Comments are welcome. :)


  1. It made me think. I'd probably use it on trust, or slip ups where i accidentally insulted someone.

  2. Trust is an interesting one. It would be kind of amazing to go back and get back a person's trust that you lost and will probably never lose again.