Thursday, May 13, 2010

My favorite thing to do on a bus ride

In the afternoons when school is over and we're all merrily riding along in our big yellow school buses, I always pick the window seat when I sit with people. Why? Because I love to wave to people out the window at red lights. Yes, I know it's weird, but I feel like it brightens the person's day. So far I have gotten a truck driver to wave, a man with a snake tattoo on his arm to wave and smile, and an old man to give me a strange look, and then smile. It's very tricky to get the person's attention because most of them are on their phones, some talking and some texting (like the man who was texting on his iPhone and the second he saw me giving him a look, he hid it beside his leg. Bad example, dude.) Because we're in a school bus, we're high up enough to see into people's cars also. Once there was a car with a teenage guy sitting in the way back of the car, where there is no seatbelt or seat, for that matter. In the mornings, people are dressed in their work clothes and alone, and in the afternoons, they usually have their kids in the car. The other day there was a little boy in the front seat next to his mom, (yes, that's illegal. and also the mother was on her phone) and the little boy was staring out the window with his mouth open wide. He was so in awe of all these kids on this big bus! I waved at him because he was so cute and he looked at me and smiled. I find this ritual of mine very amusing and yes, I'm completely normal. :)

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